About Us


Our History

Community Life Center Outreach Services Inc. has been operating in Deltona, FL since 1996 and has long provided a beacon of light and hope in a commuter community with few charitable and public resources.

The organization was first founded by local pastors Phyllis and Mark Gregory. Pastor Benjamin Stilwell-Hernandez and Pine Ridge Fellowship Church in Deltona later helped reorganize and breathe new life into the charity following the nation’s worst economic downturn since The Great Depression.

Community Life Center Outreach Services, Inc. is an independent, 501c3 public charity. Its existence and success is built upon strong community partnerships with numerous area churches, charities, government organizations and local businesses. Community Life Center’s many programs for neighbors in need operate out of offices and facilities at two Pine Ridge Fellowship Church locations in Deltona – 1045 E. Normandy Blvd. and 935 Howland Blvd. Thanks to the generous in-kind donation of these facilities from our sister organization (Pine Ridge Fellowship), Community Life Center’s operating costs remain very low and nearly every dollar donated to Community Life Center can be utilized to provide tangible, real-life assistance to our neighbors in need.

Won’t you join us in transforming our Southwest Volusia County community for the better? Contact us today to find out how your family or business can be a part of the tidal wave of Unexpected Kindness and neighborly love that’s rolling through our West Volusia neighborhoods!


Offering unexpected kindness by providing a hand up to neighbors in need.


The Community Life Center exists to offer unexpected kindness by providing a hand up to neighbors in need. Our center offers compassionate care for our neighbors by assisting with basic needs including food, clothing, shelter and utilities. Our hand up approach empowers neighbors for self-sufficiency through problem identification, employment assistance, knowledgeable workshops and referrals to partnering agencies. This approach brings stability to lives of individuals and fosters transformation in our community.